Antique Radio and Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration


Dale’s antique radio repair provides fast, affordable service for all vacuum tube radios. Let our antique radio repair and restoration services bring your antique tube vintage radio back to life! Welcome to Dale’s Antique Radio Repair. Our Mission – To restore AC powered vintage and antique tube radios produced in the USA between the 1920’s and the 1960’s that belonged to your parents or grandparents. We also repair these same antique and tube radios even though they did not belong to a relative. This is not a business, but rather just a hobby. I am a retired electrical engineer with 45+ years of experience and have been collecting and repairing old vintage and antique tube radios since 1985.

My shop is in an area of our retirement home in Greenville, Texas which is designed for radio repair. It is environmentally controlled, well lighted and secured by a dead bolt and security system. Your radio is safe here. I maintain a large stock of parts and tubes at all times and have an extensive library of repair information for all makes and models of radios manufactured during the period identified above.

In the unlikely event that I need a antique tube radio part which is no longer available, I belong to several web-based forums where I have been very successful in the past at securing the needed material. I do not use antique test equipment in repairing old radios. Click on the video below to tour my workshop.

45+ years of experience and have been collecting and repairing vintage tube radios since 1985.

I have serviced antique tube radios from over 39 states.

Received my radio and it works great. Thanks again for good memories of April 1949. -Gene