Our standard repair sevice includes:

  • Chassis dusted and tubes cleaned
  • Tubes tested and weak ones replaced
  • Tuner lubricated, contact cleaner applied to band switch
  • Defective control(s) replaced
  • Fuse installed on sets with power transformer
  • Damaged power cords replaced
  • Dial cord checked and replaced if necessary
  • New dial lamps installed
  • All electrolytic and paper capacitors replaced
  • Out of tolerance resistors replaced
  • Factory alignment performed
  • Cabinet cleaned

The following is a list of services we do not provide:

  • Phonograph repair
  • Repair of car radios
  • Repair of transistor radios
  • Cabinet repair and/or refinishing
  • Providing an estimated value of your set
  • Repair of battery powered sets
  • Selling tubes or parts
  • Repair of console radios unless chassis and speaker are shipped without the cabinet
  • Speaker repair

Radio Like NewRadio repair service is available for most antique and vintage radios made in the United States during the 1920’s through the 1960’s.  All radio repairs come with a 6 month warranty that covers labor and material.  *In order to eliminate the risk of further damage, please do not plug in your radio until it has been serviced.  An inspection of your radio is required in order to provide you with an accurate repair quote. There is no charge for the inspection and repair quotation and there is no obligation to authorize any repair. Should you decide to not have your radio repaired, I only ask that you pay the return shipping cost. Radios have been shipped from across the country to be repaired. The map below shows where radios have been sent.


I put it back in the cabinet and hooked everything up. Sounds great. Mom is very happy with it. As always, I appreciate your excellent work on our radios.